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Seal of Authenticity

How to be awarded the prestigious Christian History Society of America's Seal of Authenticity

The Seal of Authenticity is awarded by the Christian History Society of America to a select group of products that accurately represent historical articles. To be awarded the seal, the following must be demonstrated:

  • the item produced must be an original or reproduction of an item at least 100 years old (or, in the case of books, music, etc., the subject must be at least 100 years old);
  • the item must faithfully represent the original;1
  • the item must have a connection with Christian history in America;2

  • Items awarded the Seal of Authenticity are featured on a special webpage on the Christian History Society of America's site.

    To have your item considered for an award (or to nominate another's product), please forward the following information:

  • Description of item
  • Photograph(s) or sample(s)
  • Sales information (price, etc.)
  • Business information (address, phone number, etc.)

  • Send to:
    Christian History Society of America
    c/o Greg Humphries
    10 Croyden Lane
    Staunton, VA 24401
    or email:

    1 In either appearance, construction, or content
    2 Example: Replica coins would qualify as they were used by Christians and non-Christians alike; A book about George Whitefield would qualify provided it discussed in part Whitefield's connection with the Great Awakening.


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